How to Recruit and Screen Board Candidates

Board Candidates are individuals who will serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization. Implementing a procedure to screen and recruit candidates for board membership is crucial to ensure that your board is properly staffed at all times. Board seats that are vacant can lead to business setbacks and make it harder for new members to transition into the position.

Recruitment for board positions typically involves the nomination committee of the board and other stakeholders. Ideally, the nominating committee will choose candidates with an experience at the board level and relevant skills. In addition, the committee should consider those with a high level of intellectual standing outside of the corporate world (such as academics, government officials, supranational institutions or non-governmental organizations) and with a proven track record of leadership in their respective fields.

Once a list of possible candidates is compiled the chair of the board can invite them to a preliminary interview and then an open meeting with the entire board. The board will be able to meet the candidate and also gain an understanding of the experience of being on the board.

It is useful to have detailed profiles of the candidates that voters can view on the internet during the process of voting. This will board culture enable them to make a more informed decision about the candidate they pick. ElectionBuddy allows you to set up several other options, like an aggregate voting system or allowing voters to “abstain”.

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