How to Make the Most of Every Board Meeting

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The board of directors provides direction to a business or non-profit, evaluates the progress of the organization and then reviews and approves action plans. Every organization has its own notion of what a successful board meeting looks like There are some ways to help stimulate discussions and encourage collaboration to get the most of every meeting.

Board meetings begin with an official call to order by the presiding officer at the designated start time. The presiding officers then calls the roll for all attendees and confirms that the quorum is present. The board then scrutinizes the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting. Attendees may request additions, amendments, or deletions to the agenda and/or minutes.

During this section of the meeting directors share their thoughts and opinions on problems or opportunities the board is contemplating. They weigh pros and pros, risks, costs and potential earnings of each opportunity to make an informed choice about the best options to explore.

The next step is to discuss possible strategies for achieving the company’s goals. Then, they come up with an action plan for implementing the strategies. This is a crucial part of the meeting to ensure that the company remains on track in achieving its goals.

After the discussion has concluded All motions are then put to a vote. The number of votes cast favor and against each motion determines whether the motion passes. The meeting will be halted when a motion doesn’t pass.

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